your digital transformation

We develop innovative solutions using state of the art technology to create business impact and competitive advantages for our customers.

IT Management & Leadership

We engage senior experts to plan and oversee your IT projects by analyzing the scope, planning the project's timeline, and looking over anything from staff, risks and budget. With defined quantifiable KPIs and milestones, we complete the project in line with timelines and business requirements. 

Our senior executives and strategists can help you in your digital transformation journey by managing your organization's IT infrastructure, software, applications, and resources — bridging the gap between business and IT.

  • Design a business aligned IT strategy and roadmap
  • Define roles, responsibilities and processes for a successful IT strategy execution
  • Deep knowledge and experience of IT project management


Accelerate time-to-market and improve the quality of your products and services. We assist your organization in implementing DevOps for your development and delivery workflows and eliminate time-consuming tasks in your software development process.

With an optimized working process, always in line with best practices, we increase the pace of collaboration and efficiency. A comprehensive DevOps model directly translates into happier, more productive teams with higher employee engagement and better development opportunities.

  • We deliver Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment as a service – from idea to success
  • We implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Configuration as Code (CAC) models with focus on scalability, reliability, quality, and velocity
  • Our services include Azure DevOps, AWS DevOps, Ansible and Terraform

Software Engineering

Bring your ideas to life with senior software developers. We successfully deliver solutions requiring outstanding knowledge of Java, .NET, C#, Python, React, Angular, SQL, Microservice architecture, and cloud-native app development.

Our fully managed agile teams and individual expert software developers bring deep experience in the entire development cycle — from product design to continuous software delivery. We provide the speed, professional insight, and flexibility your team needs to scale quickly and boost your delivery on time.

  • Our dedicated software developers are the extended arm you need to create scalable and robust solution from frontend to backend
  • Our experts have high knowledge of agile methodology, Clean Code and Clean Architecture principles, and automation
  • Our software consultants assist you in selecting the right technology stacks for your solution

Cloud Development

Our certified cloud experts in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud help you implement, automate, and manage private and hybrid clouds to make your IT infrastructure more flexible and scalable.

We build cloud microservices-based architectures by breaking down applications into independent services communicating via APIs. Using a container-based approach to deploying and managing cloud applications, we separate software packages from the operating system, making them easily portable and compatible with any platform.

  • Our experts assist you in migrating existing applications and enterprise systems to the cloud
  • We help you convert monolithic applications to microservice architectures, or create new applications in the cloud using microservices
  • We help you adopt cloud containers by leveraging the capabilities of the world’s leading software containerization platforms, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon ESC, and others.

We only pick the best

Being the best isn’t all about technical skills. It's about having the right mindset.

We are convinced that the mix of soft and hard skills in our employees — the combination of adapting to different situations and communicating clearly with the customer — makes the real difference between good and great work.